2020 Sees New Cigna Expansion to Include Obamacare Coverage

By September 20, 2019 Uncategorized

According to a recent Forbes article by B. Japsen, Cigna announces plans to become the latest insurer to expand individual coverage to include the Affordable Care Act across 10 states and 19 markets for the 2020 open enrollment period.

Wednesday, Cigna explained their plan “includes expansion into select counties in Kansas, South Florida and Utah as well as new counties in Tennessee and Virginia,” while exchange plans are already in place for eight states: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

Cigna, one of few national health insurance carriers to find success in individual coverage under the ACA, recently purchased the pharmacy benefit manager Express Scripts. This is a significant difference from company rivals Aetna, CVS Health, Humana and United Health group who unsuccessfully managed the cost of health coverage for sick patients signing up.

The nonperformance has left Blue Cross plans and Centene in the position of major provider of coverage, with the latter having grown its Obamacare to approximately 2 million enrollees within 20 states. More plans for expansion have been announced, with Centene in position to become a major player, should it succeed in acquisition of WellCare Health Plans next year.

In a statement by Brian Evanko, president of Cignas government business, “More people who purchase health care coverage on the exchange now will have access to Cigna’s broad range of products and services that makes quality health care more accessible and affordable,” going on to add “We’ve learned from our thoughtful approach and continuous presence on the exchange how to deliver a great product with a simplified customer experience. We are proud to be able to deliver our exceptional offering to even more people throughout the U.S.”

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