What happened to the State waivers?

By June 10, 2019 Affordable Care Act

The short answer, nothing.  Seven months after CMS Administrator Seema Verma announced the waivers, not one State has applied.   The idea was to let consumers use federal subsidies to purchase coverage not meeting the ACA essential coverage requirements in an attempt to lower premiums.  Politically, even states that have support to repeal the law, backed off as it hurt the GOP during the mid-term.  An even bigger challenge would be to prove comprehensive coverage, in all likelihood contested in court and we are back to square one. Or are we?

Re-insurance could provide relief as states with federal aid will pick up the tab for the costliest of consumers.  A handful of states have been granted this specific waiver, the question remains, whether or not can it lower premiums for the rest of us.

Speaking of premiums,  rates have stabilized over the last two open enrollments, if you call double digit increase stable.